Sagrada familia Cave.

SeaSuns motorcycle with sidecar.

We arrange, runs up to the Sagrada Family Cave.

There are 15 km up there, it's best to start early in the morning because it gets pretty hot mid-day to walk around in the jungle, and then there is more chance to see the wild monkeys. So if I get up at. 06:00 and gets eaten breakfast food, and perhaps a dip, so you're ready by 07:00 time. The tour takes place on SeaSuns motorcycle with sidecar (Filipino name, tricyklerne).

The tour is a half day trip and costs 800 Pesos for two (about 20 US). The trip made ​​a minimum of two people.

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Are you watching closely and are quiet, you can see monkeys. PS. It is a good idea to bring binoculars and flashligh
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There are many bats.
It is said that the Chinese come out of the ground.