City tour to Sta. Cruz.

Fresh vegetables from the local market.

Sta.Cruz city, municipality, home to 58,000 thousand people. It is a small provincial town. It has three schools, a large shopping mall, and many small local shops, restaurant, internet cafe, and the local market. On the market sells everything under the sun. There you can make a really cheap buy. Remember to haggle, it is part of the Philippine culture. If they charge 400 pesos for a pair of pants, so you say 200 pesos, and in the end maybe 225 pesos approx. 5,5 US.  Town lies only 7 km. from Seasun. Then I want to make a night of it ask Nelly and she finds either Bong or Jackie to run you. It costs 150 pesos each. way around. 3,5 US, and he had to wait an hour or two, you can give him 100 pesos extra. If it takes longer time, you can just deal with him when I will be retrieved.


                         Adelina and Tina started to clean fish.                                            

When your private procurement is done you can get the kitchen to cook your food.

indkøbscenters indvielsen i Sta. Cruz by.
Magic Mall Sta. Cruz, Zambales. 7 kilometer fra Seasun Beach Resort