Fishing on and around Seasun.

Yellowfin (tuna) of 60 kg.

Seasun located in a local fishing communities, which have been fished for many years. Now penetrates tourism itself, but in a good way. Because it is not filled with tourists yet and you can still see the primitive way they conduct their fisheries. Maybe you can go out and catch your own fish and get Etna (the chef) to cook it, there's nothing like fresh fish.

Fishing from Seasun

Fishing in SeaSuns boat day trip with local fishing tackle 2500 pesos approximately 62 US can also bring their own fishing tackle since the price will be 2000 pesos approximately 50 US Lunches can be ordered in the kitchen.

My first fish Tanigue.
The first fish I catch was a tanigue of 7.5 kg. I hooked it in the back when I was about to put my fish hook out.
The second fish was also Tanigue.
then there was the bite again. But this time had to be fought for, it was 22.5 kg also so strong that it could pull the boat off, but the end was that I won.
So I caught four Tanigue of only 1.5 hours.
This day went fast. We sailed outside the two islands where two streams met, and here there was jackpot. I pulled out one after the other up in all 4 pieces. Total weight 42 kg.
Fought for 45 minutes before gave up.

This is a bluemarlin more than 60 kg.  It has been carved sværet for security reasons. It was sailed in on a beach 10 minutes drive from Seasun. Perhaps it is you who must try your luck, you never know if there is a bite.

Håndvod taken into the boat.
They beat the fish to death with a stick.
The fish carried into the boat.
See! they are not beautiful.
We ate the fish on Seasun it tasted fantastic.

 Håndvod fishing near Seasun.

So big tuna can be caught from Seasun.